SELF Arquitectura is an architectural agency that operates internationally in Spain, Italy and Russia.
Directed by Giacomo Delbene and Massimiliano Giberti, together with Marika Roccabruna and Andrea Zampichelli, SELF offers the skills and the experience achieved by the partners during over ten years of intense professional and research activity. The design of top projects at different scales, the participation and the awards in many international competitions and the direction of teaching and research programs within leader universities and institutions determined a specific approach to the profession. Being pragmatically anchored to the physical nature of the site and to the client’s wills, engines of the project are the objective spatial quality of the proposed solutions, their economic, environmental and social sustainability, and the integration of the best tools, materials and methodologies that the Research has to offer to the Market.
The conscious deconstruction of the project and the configuration of the creative, communicative, constructive and maintenance processes into elements able to enhance the potential value of any commission enforce a methodology focused on the strategic capitalization of the resources.
Thus, reacting to the context, the Design is flexible to evolve over the time, open in accepting future requirements coming from the clients, as well as new opportunities that the technological progress will make available. Keeping a positive and constructively critical attitude towards the Contemporary Architecture and the Real Estate Market, SELF turns any project into a challenging opportunity of Research and Innovation, gathering into the same evolutionary path different professional modalities, from direct commissions, to competitions, seminars, teaching and publishing.
Design is always customized to client expectations, integrating the most convenient and appropriate technologic and design solutions for environmental and energetic sustainability. The teaching and publishing activities, as well fundamental tools in order to amplify and share the theoretical content of the adopted solutions, are key elements for synthesizing the methodological and professional evolution, continuously and repeatedly dealing with new horizons and arguments.

Selected Awards :

  • Winner project in the International Competition for the transformations of Corso Sardegna General Markets (Genoa, Italy, 2001, 42.000 m2)
  • Winner project in the International Competition for the new Deiva Marina Waterfront (La Spezia, Italy, 2002, 21.000 m2)
  • Winner project in the International Competition for the new Novi Ligure municipal offices (Novi Ligure, Italy, 2003, 2.600 m2)
  • Winner project in the INCASOL Restricted Competition for a 64 housing units (Barcelona, Spain, 2005, 6.250 m2)
  • Winner project in the Interantional ANAS Competition for an archeological museum along the Salerno-Reggio highway (Reggio Calabria, Italy, 2006, 15.000 m2)
  • Winner project in the International Competition for the restoration of Villa Bombrini in Cornigliano (Genoa, Italy, 2005, 230.000 m2)
  • Winner project in the International Competition for the transformation of Milano Bicocca ex-Ansaldo site (Milan, Italy, 2005, 15.643 m2)
  • Winner project in the International Restricted Competition for the Prat Nord district in Barcelona (El Prat de Llobregat, Spain, 2009, 1.600.000 m2)

Selected Projects :

  • Restoration of two favelas in Rio de Janeiro (120.000 m2. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 2012)
  • Domus degli Affreschi green roof (1.600 m2. Luni, Italy, 2011)
  • Tripoli Masterplan (19 ha. Tripoli, Libia, 2011)
  • Sector Prat Nord Masterplan (1.600.000 m2. El Prat de Llobregat, Spain. 2010)
  • Urban restoration and interchange node of Palazzo del Principe (160.000 m2. Genoa, Italy.2000)
  • New Tripoli Faculty of Architecture (8.000 m2. Tripoli, Libia, 2010)
  • Extension of Perfetti factory (12.985 m2. Lainate, Italy. 2009)
  • New Merate Town Hall, (4.725 m2. Merate, Italy. 2008)
  • Gattinara historical centre public spaces (18.000 m2. Gattinara, Italy. 2007)
  • Social housing building in the Mina (6.205 m2. Barcelona, Spain. 2009)
  • Four Elements Park (350 ha. Campocatino, Italy. 2006)
  • Gabicce Mare Waterfront (9.000 m2. Gabicce Mare, Italy. 2005)
  • l’Ice-Loop Hotel a Campocatino (2.980 m2. 2005)

Selected Books :

  • “Compendio di Anatomia per Progettisti” (Quodlibet, Macerata 2014)
  • “Habitar a Comunidade” (Forma, Poggibonsi 2012)
  • “Piccolo Manuale d’uso per l’architettura contemporanea” (22 Publishing, Milano 2012)
  • “ARCHEONET architettura, paesaggio, turismo”. (22 Publishing, Milano 2011)
  • “Public, Private, Ephemeral. Ceramics in Architecture” (Ascer, Barcelona, 2008)
  • “Barcelona, Contemporary Transformations” (Meltemi, Roma 2007)
  • “Proyecto BCN” (Actar/ Ajuntament de Barcelona, Barcelona 2007)
  • ”Four Elements: a Landscape project between Art and Nature” (Actar, Barcelona, 2006)
  • “Geno(v)a, developing & re-booting a waterfront city“ (NAi Publishers, Rotterdam 2003)
  • “Made in GOA: guida alla città ibrida” (Sagep, Genova 2016)




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Self also operate in different fields. Here are some links to research groups of which the partners of SELF are part of , as well as sites dedicated to teaching practice we applied at the University of Genoa and Milan.

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  • Giacomo Delbene
    Partner Architect
  • Massimiliano Giberti
    Partner Architect
  • Marika Roccabruna
    Partner Architect
  • Andrea Zampichelli
    Partner Architect