• International Design Competition.
  • Program: Offices, Commercial, Public Spaces.
  • Site: Novi Ligure (AL), Italy.
  • Surface: Built Area 1.590 m2, Open Area 1.950 m2.
  • Budget: 2.500.000 euros.
  • Client: City of Novi Ligure.
  • Chronology: 2003.


AWARD: First Prize in the Competition.

Re-shaping or, better, re-systemizing three squares and a courtyard of an old convent in the historical center of a small town in Piemonte means to re-design, using soft tools, a new city overlapping the existing one, linking together the same elements in a different secuence, give them alternative meanings, new relational structures.

The logic in order of which an open space is drawn  -literally- by a group of objects seen like boundaries or limits is overturned.

The Empty is built like an architectural space, splitting, squeezing itself from a square to another and then expanding again.