• Commission.
  • Program: Offices, Workshops, Whare-house.
  • Site: Lainate (MI), Italy.
  • Surface: Built Area 12.985 m2.
  • Budget: 15.000.000 euros.
  • Client: Perfetti Val Melle SpA.
  • With: Studio Archea project-leader.
  • Chronology: 2005-2009.
  • All Design Phases.


Forty thousand candy instead remain enclosed inside of their packaging, for once they shows itself by coating the casing of the largest box of chewing gum and sweets ever seen: the deposit Perfetti van Melle central.

And ‘this is the number of disks made of tempered glass that were mounted by hand, one by one, over the entire galvanized steel facade that draws the new face the historic confectionery factory.

The volumes of the automated warehouse and the building logistics facing north toward the Alps, are aligned and encapsulated by a semi-transparent skin, longer than two hundred sixteen meters in height.

The plot of this fabric made of steel and glass wraps production space and manoeuvre areas heavy vehicles is generated by several superimposed layers.

First of all the structure: nearly two hundred looms made of bended profiles assembled without not even a spot weld, united to each other through threaded rods and bolts, so achieve a continuous reticular system.

The second layer is represented by more than eight hundred panels that provide support for discs. Each measures four meters by two and is derived from many steel plates cut in plasma so as to reproduce a lozenge design, made specifically for this project: the final effect is that of a continuous mesh in which no the individual elements stand out more. And finally you get to the candy made of glass produced specially in two different sizes and three types of finish, transparent, satin gloss and matt satin, draw an iridescent surface is modified as the hours depending on how it receives the sunlight.