Monographic Publication



  • G.Delbene, M.Nikolic authors.
  • Publisher: Maglio Editore, Bolonia.
  • Year of Publication: 2020.



After the first study on the figure of Floyd Gottfredson, this volume researches on, for the first time in a systematic and in-depth form, the evolution of the architecture of the Scrooge McDuck bin, the building-character par excellence of the duck universe.

The research relates the acrobatic evolutions of the armoured warehouse with the real counterparts that may have influenced the authors’ imagination, tracing coherent thematic categories and retracing in a surprising ride the visions produced by the artists of the Disney family, from the Barksian canon to the prolific Disney Italian school.

In order to achieve this result, in a game of cross-references that open to reflections otherwise not always taken for granted, not only the Barksian corpus has been studied, but, also and above all, we have immersed ourselves in over 600,000 pages of Italian publications, analysing a production that, over the decades, has shown elements of great interest in order to push beyond unexpected horizons the potential of the beloved architecture of one of the most beloved protagonists in the history of world comics.