Monographic Publication



  • M.Giberti editor and texts.
  • Publisher: 22 Publishing, Milan.
  • Year of Publication: 2014.


This volume is the second part of a study which has among the primary objectives, the testing of new strategies for the development and enhancement of the italian historic environmental system. Addressing the complexity of the aspects that contribute to define what we consider archaeological and landscaped good, has required a series of field of choices very insidious: how to combine words such as conservation and enhancement, protection and development, and project constraints?

In Archeonet, archeology, landscape, tourism, work has concentrated on the definition of some models of management that could correlate different realities and institutions, such as local authorities, museums, government, financial professionals, to see how, just coming to accumulate a significant critical mass of forces and ideas, it was possible to organize a cultural network capable of dealing with the tourism market and the use of historical, international level.

If the first book has focused its attention on software systems, without which it would be impossible to manage and exploit any portion of the vast territory, Archeonet II deals with applications, hardware, or projects at the scale of landscape and architecture, which give form management strategies developed in the first part of the research.