Monographic Publication



  • G.Delbene author.
  • Publisher: Meltemi, Rome.
  • Year of Publication: 2007.

Barcelona is a surprising city from an architectural and urbanistic point of view, for the professional who knows how to read the traces of the layering of ages and masterplans as well as for the visitor sensitive to the urban form.

In recent decades, the Catalan capital has been a melting pot of design experiments, sometimes even much discussed. Precisely this spirit of breaking the canon has made it possible to advance theoretical formulations and to propose original constructive solutions, unthinkable elsewhere.

The interventions associated with the 1992 Olympic Games, the recovery of the waterfront, the reclamation and revitalization of degraded urban tissues, the new infrastructure and the policy of revitalizing public spaces are just some of the guidelines followed during the transformation process started from the advent of the democratic administrations.

This text is an agile and complete guide through the changes in which the city has been the protagonist, accompanied by insights, projects and interviews.