• Commission.
  • Program: Art Gallery.
  • Site: Barcelona, Spain.
  • Surface: Built Area 400 m2.
  • Budget: -.
  • Client: Galeria Senda.
  • Chronology: 2007.
  • Preliminary Design.


The gallery is organized on three levels and specializes the different hosted zones (administration, exhibition, storage)  compatibly to users movements and requirements of the pre-existing structure.

Cutting a level and excavating a part of the ground  floor let us to design new surfaces that optimize the possibilities offered by the section. At the same time, solving vertical connection in the very last part of the entering promenade, such actions create a new central space, where all functions visually focus.

We wanted to organize the different levels in order to make possible the autonomous functionality of a part of the ground floor, where will be organized workshops or thematic exhibitions.