• International Architectural Design Competition.
  • Program: Public Library.
  • Site: Sitges (BCN), Spain.
  • Surface: Built 5.051 m2.
  • Budget: – euros.
  • Client: Municipality of Sitges.
  • Chronology: 2007.


The new Central Library, a part of the attractiveness brought by the functional and civic programme, is an opportunity to give to paths and urban spaces hierarchy a big role in terms of urban connectivity, designing a new sequence of heterogeneous and flexible spaces integrated with the urban fabric as well as with the park.

The building, nodal point between an housing sector, a new park and Vilafranca Avenue, is deconstructed in order to guide and suggest different ways of approach to the big urban green area.

Volumetric specialization and spacial balance between a huge reading hall and a big open courtyard have been the main architectural tools used for defining the composition scheme.