Monographic Publication



  • M.Giberti, C.Maskineh editors and texts.
  • Publisher: Sagep, Genoa.
  • Year of Publication: 2018.



The history of Lebanon, made up of conflicts, emigrations and immigration, contributed to build a society that by itself definition is self-segregated.

Dividing and Sharing are everyday actions which designed neighborhoods, roads and architecture of Beirut, determining the identity of the different cultural realities and the denominational of groups that inhabit it.

To keep the delicate balance on which everyday life is settled, removal of borders is not necessarily the best solution to adopt.

This volume features the results on a research on Naba’a, an enclave on the outskirts of Beirut, and has as its objective the definition of a (un)shared city, a place in which conflicts are neutralized or even devolved to guarantee coexistence to its inhabitants.

Naba’a, is the paradigmatic example of an urban (un)shared system, a place where conflict, self-settlement, solidarity and participation overlap and alternate in the development of social dynamics. But the theme of the conflict is crucial for out times and can be found in numerous realities, from Europe to Asia.

Research is continually expanding and narrowing its focus, from Berlin to Istanbul, from Baghdad to Johannesburg, to understand the global dimensions of the phenomenon and verify its effects on the architectural scale.