Architecture – Interior



  • Commission.
  • Program: Health Centre Residency, .
  • Site: Recco (GE), Italy.
  • Surface: Built Area 1.956 m2; Total Area 7.524 m2.
  • Budget: –
  • Client: Private.
  • Chronology: 2019.
  • Feasibility and Preliminary Design.


Villa Tigellius’ transformation project involves the establishment of high-standing health caring activities.

The approach to existing buildings is as conservative as possible, but intervening with some radical additions where the possibility of using the spaces would otherwise have been complicated to manage due to the stringent demands associated with new activities. In the internal volumes the efficiency and maximum compactness of the housing solutions is produced thanks to a work of detail that, enhancing the existing wall structures, produces a specially designed furniture.

Outside, the park of the villa is recovered in its beauty and open to citizenship, integrating the existing vegetation with additional native species to replace those no longer recoverable. Near the main entrance of the property, a temporary pavilion is planned that will host out-patient service activities both for the spaces of the villa itself and for the adjacent inhabited fabric. This pavilion will have a light and diaphanous structure, with some internal opaque modules for activities that require more privacy and a raised basin for physiotherapy services.