Monographic Publication



  • G.Delbene author.
  • Publisher: Odoya, Bolonia.
  • Year of Publication: 2019.



Comics and architecture are two worlds that joyfully and playfully often go hand in hand.

Within the interpretation given by several great artists from Disney comics industry, architecture by comics has been a tool to provide an original representation of places, movements, situations and stereotypes that, in the real architectural world, imbued the daily life of the readers whom the vignettes were addressed to.

On the other hand, references to elements proceeding from the everyday of the architectural debate, or from the world of technology and industrial design, helped to give the reader back a plausible environment that has been essential for the consolidation of Disney universe.

ARCHIDISNEY, analysing the work of Floyd Gottfredson, starts a research on how and how much Architecture, Landscape and Design have gone beyond the sphere of reality to immerse themselves in the world of fantasy, amplifying the artistic and narrative potentials of Disney comics and thus contributing to make them an icon of contemporary pop culture.