• International Architectural Design Competition.
  • Program: Technological Incubator.
  • Site: Ville Verte de Benguerir, Morocco.
  • Surface: Built 38.203 m2.
  • Budget: – euros.
  • Client: Municipality of Benguerir.
  • Collaboration with: Studio Archea project leader
  • Chronology: 2019.


AWARD: First Prize in the Competition.

The project of the new business incubator is the spatial expression of a creative process.

The different phases of the creation of a start-up and the processes that determine actions and relations between the different operating units necessarily translate into spatial relationships.

This means that, to function properly, an effective business incubator must create interconnected spaces that favor entrepreneurial processes, from the choice of ideas to fundraising, to the placing of products on the market.

The proposal is therefore articulated according to a clear principle: to translate the operational scheme of a start-up into architectural forms.

At the same time, we want the image of the new construction to embody the symbolic values ​​of the Moroccan culture: reflection and sharing. For this reason, since the settlement decisions, we develop the archetypal model of the building as a closed courtyard, to then open it and connect it with the other parts of the campus, uniting it with the larger structure of the city while still clearly identifying it as a circumscribed space, intimate and protected.

The project therefore has two objectives: the creation of a system of flexible and interconnected spaces on both an architectural and urban scale, thanks to structural and distributive solutions that minimize the presence of fixed elements, and the design of an envelope made of simple and monolithic volumes, which enclose a green garden capable of promoting meetings and exchanges between people.