• Commission.
  • Program: Restaurant.
  • Site: Genoa, Italy.
  • Surface: Built Area 2.300 m2 (300 + 1.200 + 800).
  • Budget: 2.800.000 euros.
  • Client: Delphis Srl.
  • Chronology: 2007-2010.
  • All Design Phases.


The brand Bicu identifies a chain of Italian restaurants that integrate a craft microbrewery.

The project developed covers the entire process of building and promoting the brand, from the definition of the target market, the method of preparation and service of food and beer, and ending with the design of the interior, operators uniforms, menus and all the informative and advertising material.

The concept of Bicu is that each type of preparation happen to sight: from beer production, to processing and cooking food.

For this reason, the restaurants are designed as open systems with open view, in which one can, at any time, participate together with the other customers and operators, the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Bar counters and work surfaces always have a dual access, approaching cooks, bartenders and patrons, the processes for the preparation of dishes and beverages.

At the same time the spaces of the Bicu restaurants, are designed to provide varying degrees of intimacy, through small differences in height, equipped parapets and ceilings that are lowered to draw some “rooms” more private, within the space of the continuous room.