Monographic Publication



  • M.Giberti editor and texts.
  • Publisher: LISt Actar, Barcelona.
  • Year of Publication: 2010.



The academic world is an inexhaustible resource of impulses and stimuli which cannot always find the appropriate diffusion and debate, and are confined to lecture halls and research labs. A wider opening to the external world constitutes a crucial resource for the development of a complex and notably prestigious institution such as the Faculty of Architecture of Genoa. Since its establishment, in the Mid-Sixties, the Department has evolved along the outlined path, growing to represent a reality which is no longer local, but highly appealing and sought-after; this is shown by the increase in the number of applications, and by the positive feedback coming from the professional world.

It is in fact considerable that many of the successful or emergent figures, at a national and international level, are related to Genoa and its Architecture Department. I am referring to the people who have been trained in our school, and who eventually found their own original and recognisable branches of project research, expressions of Italian contemporary reality. Among these, I would like to focus on the new generation of architects which is standing out in today’s tortuous architectonical debate. Some prominent exponents of this group are among the authors presented in this volume.