• Commission.
  • Program: Private House.
  • Site: La Pobla de Cervoles (LE), Spain.
  • Surface: Built 320 m2.
  • Budget: 110.000 euros.
  • Client: Private.
  • Chronology: 2008-2009.
  • Preliminary and Definitive Design.


The strategy used by this house for being localized tries to get the maximum profit possible from the pre-existing conditions of the site: a pool for the recollection of raining water, a natural rock with an high sculptural value, a gently moved topography and the possibility to consolidate several views toward the surrounding landscape.

The necessity to keep low the construction’s costs drives the project to take a minimalistic  attitude referring forms and specializations of both internal and external spaces.

The pool is transformed into a sunken courtyard accessible only from the house, while rock’s organic forms and the building’s simple volume found a mediation point thanks to the tent covering a part of the external spaces, able to assume flexible configurations.