• International Architectural Design Competition.
  • Program: Offices, Commerce, Workshops, Spaces for Events.
  • Site: Afsluitdijk, The Netherlands.
  • Surface: Built 9.500 m2.
  • Budget: 12.0000 euros.
  • Client: Stichting Duurzaamheidscentrum.
  • Chronology: 2009.


The upgrade of Afsluitdijk is an extraordinary opportunity for re-defining relationships that it can provide as interface and connector.

Rejecting to be part of the choice for a fixed structure, we propose a TEMPORAL OBJECT that, anticipating and waiting for the final transformation of the dike, could be quickly activated in order to help anticipating the vision of a renewed infrastructure as a more complex attraction.

We create a mechanism able to produce and manage new relationships with the IJsselmeer.

Thus we propose not only an attractive object – the Motherboard –  aggregated to the dike, but a SYSTEM composed by a immobile terminal and several floating islands, movable and small sized.

Thanks to the mobility of the secondary elements within the lake, with such a system we achieve two goals: to create a new reciprocal relationships between activities and users and to elude the physical-relational limits of a permanent settled building to a preference for an extension of the playground, able to be stressed, upgraded or squeezed.