• Commission.
  • Program: Housing, Commerce, Offices, Green Spaces.
  • Site: Genoa, Italy.
  • Surface: 23 ha.
  • Budget: –
  • Client: Municipality of Genoa.
  • With: Studio Archea project-leader.
  • Chronology: 2006.
  • Masterplan, Preliminary and Definitive Design.


The project area is situated in the district of Genoa Cornigliano area with a traditionally strong industrialization (steel) in the west side of the city, where the presence of the steel factories has, over the years, interrupted the continuity of the urban area.

The key points of the new infrastructural arrangement are: the relocation of the railway stop, the viability project of the expressway as a bypass of the city streets and the provision of a large parking system.

The new system infrastructure, on the one hand, the area covered by the discharge flow of travel, on the other hand, gives it the role of interchange for the city of Genoa.

Based on these objectives, the project must meet the dualism between the need to create a great void of public access, and to place within the volumes an integrated infrastructure, capable of providing an intermodal character to the entire area.

Therefore, the guidelines of the project will focus on the construction of a new raised ground, for pedestrian-only, that allows to achieve a completely empty public and permeable space that does not collide with the spaces of the various functions pertaining settled.

To redevelop the existing green spaces in the neighbourhood is considered important to their insertion in the system together with the new park through a series of targeted insertion of neighbourhood facilities.