Open Space



  • Commission.
  • Program: Commerce, Open Spaces.
  • Site: Tripoli, Lybia.
  • Surface: 8.000 m2.
  • Budget: -.
  • Client: NCB Lybia.
  • With: Studio Archea project-leader.
  • Chronology: 2011.
  • Preliminary, Definitive and Construction Design.


The idea that public space can function as an element of urban regeneration for Tripoli central area underpins all the planning work done for the refitting of this part of the city.

Starting from the definition and from the design of an urban void, this project proposes to invest public spaces found within the area with multiple values and meanings that range from aesthetic and symbolic value, up to the response to technical and environmental requirements such as climate regulation, rainwater collection, or the management of waste collection.

If the urban void becomes a community place, then the urban dynamics that are generated and gravitate around this place can have significant influence also on private buildings, on the well-being of the residents and on the quality of life of those that work in or are just visiting this part of the city.

The Fish Market square is designed as a paved urban environment.

Located mainly along the perimeter of the area, it’s a place designated for establishing relations with other parts of the city and to function as strategic hubs for trade and tourism flows to and from the Medina.

These space is characterized by the prevalence of impermeable paving materials made of stone and by the presence, on the perimeter, of significant public buildings, existing or of new construction. Medium-trunk trees will be located in pots, as well as any hedges or flower beds.

Flexibility of use is one of the main qualities of these squares that should be accessible and usable by pedestrians, the disabled, but also by motor means for loading and unloading and rescue. The compatible functions will be mainly markets and temporary exhibitions, outdoor areas at the service of restaurants and bars overlooking the square, as well as special seasonal features like an outdoor cinema or small theater.