Architecture – Open Spaces



  • Commission.
  • Program: Commerce, Open Spaces.
  • Site: Tripoli, Lybia.
  • Surface: 7.500 m2.
  • Budget: -.
  • Client: NCB Lybia.
  • With: Studio Archea project-leader.
  • Chronology: 2011.
  • Preliminary, Definitive and Construction Design.


Swehli Square is surely the distinguishing feature of the northeast portion of the area, both for the elliptical plan design as well as for the role of potential hub between the strip of commercial use historic buildings near the Medina and the southwest portion of the area, towards the fair. The plan intends to invest the square with a number of overlapping values, characterized as a multifunctional and flexible space, able to offer high permeability on the north-south and east-west axes, and at the same time to accommodate different fixed functions organized in sections in a series of underground levels.

Ground level: the square is divided by a flat ring that runs along the perimeter of buildings and that functions as the pedestrian passageway and access to commercial activities, while the central area is laid out as a large slope leading to a basement level featuring commercial and service spaces. The inclined level is a true three-dimensional square, partially gradated, which can be used for various functions including a cinema and outdoor theater.

Underground level: the lower level of the square, directly connected via the inclined plane with the ground level, houses commercial and service space that serve the functions characterizing the square that thus becomes an open and usable public building throughout the day. At this level it is additionally expected to create a shopping arcade that connects the square with the fair area.

Lower levels: below these spaces three levels of related parking are laid out as well as the metro line station, which becomes an additional access point to the Swehli area.