Monographic Publication



  • G.Delbene, M.Floridi editors.
  • Texts: G.Delbene, M.Floridi, C.Benocci, L.Cappelletti, L.Di Corato.
  • Photos: L.Meredith-Vula, J.Bernadó.
  • Publisher: Actar, Barcelona.
  • Year of Publication: 2006.



The recovery of a territory that is characterized by the fragility of its natural equilibrium needs a capacity of vision that enables one to determine a sustainable development.

This project is an integration of Art, Architecture and Photography inspired by the Four Elements theory and that revolves around the artistic cycle of the Element-catchers by Massimiliano Floridi.

FOUR ELEMENTS constitutes the starting point for the creation of a new cultural landscape that intends to restore a reason of existence to an extraordinary place.