Monographic Publication



  • M.Giberti author.
  • Publisher: Sagep, Genoa.
  • Year of Publication: 2017.


The house is one, but each time it is different. This is not the same house, you go home, you run away from home, you look for a home, always using the singular form, because only one can be the house, too if we have two, three or a hundred.

At the same time, the house changes, despite walls, stairs and windows of which it is made remain themselves. Its transformation has more to do with what we are willing to leave inside her. In fact, living means having custom with a place, make it coincide with everything we are used to have with us.

Home living is also being the house itself, not just owning it, but filling it with ours aspirations, needs and, often, fears.

Fourteen stories in which the house, identical and always different, materializes while things happen. Each story describes a dark space, dreamlike but rational, inhabited by mysterious characters who disappear and reappear in the passage from one episode to another.

An architect and a police inspector whose absence becomes the narrative thread of the book.

But also possessive girls, men who have lost touch with the world, children forgotten in a maze, desperate fathers in search of happiness.