• International Architectural Design Competition.
  • Program: Corporative Offices.
  • Site: Bergamo, Italy.
  • Surface: Built Area 1.100 m2, Open Area 7.500 m2.
  • Budget: 3.500.000 euros.
  • Client: Granulati Zandobbio.
  • Chronology: 2017.


The proposal is organized following two main systems: a sloping basement aligned with highway that progressively rises east-west and a suspended lighthouse that is designed in order to be iconic high visibility element.

This strategy creates an architectural landscape that is significant to insiders – visitors, customers or workers -, as well as to those who, from the highway or the plane, will notice the strong identity charge of new building.

The basement becomes a green exhibition promenade that, in continuity with the open spaces already used as a showroom, gradually acquires volumetric consistency while moving northwest and hiding the parking slots and more industrial areas of the complex.

The volume of the lighthouse, accessible both from the ground floor and from the pedestrian promenade, has extremely functional versatility.

Thanks to their specific and privileged visibility from the highway, offices and spaces can make hosted activities completely explicit, transforming themselves into communicational amplifiers of an experiential component.