• International Urban Design Competition.
  • Program: Mixed functions, Open Spaces.
  • Site: Pisa, Italy.
  • Surface: 11 ha.
  • Budget: –
  • Client: Municipality of Pisa.
  • With: Studio Archea project leader.
  • Chronology: 2017.


AWARD: First Prize in the Competition.

The project aims to update what has already been planned between 2010 and 2013 for the area of ​​the historic monumental hospital of Santa Chiara in Pisa, proposing the introduction of a series of indications ranging from urban to architectural scale.

The site is located a very strategic and important place for Pisa: its northern perimeter faces Piazza dei Miracoli and its iconic monuments, while the eastern one faces the City Botanical Garden. Thus, it has to be considered an important area for the potential relationships that its voids and its historic buildings can establish with these symbolic places.

Upgrading the tools introduced by the plan designed by Arch. Chipperfield, the purpose of this work is to provide insights and reflection on new forms of land use, enhancing the role of public spaces and pedestrian routes from and through the area.

Fundamental is therefore the reintegration of Heritage buildings into urban dynamics, introducing proposals aimed to solve the relationship between new and old fabrics.

Two are the guidelines inspiring the main design:

1) To maximize the relationship between public spaces, monumental areas and green systems with Santa Chiara complex, hierarchizing accesses and routes and developing a clear identity for the site.

2) To develop a methodology of intervention on existing architectural Heritage, paying close attention to the theme of reuse.