Architecture – Interior Design



  • Commission.
  • Program: reception, services, open spaces.
  • Site: Genoa, Italy.
  • Surface: 2.500 m2.
  • Budget: 1.200.000 euros.
  • Client: WTC Genova.
  • With: ProgettoTre.
  • Chronology: 2016-2019.
  • All Design Phases.


AWARD: Honourable Mention in REFIM Contest 2020 (Category Public Buildings).

The project is aimed at redefining the IDENTITY of the the World Trade Center tower in Genoa.

The work focuses mainly on the key role that some common areas can play in strengthening the image and the presence of WTC brand.

The tower is interpreted as an organic system, in which every architectural element, each public space – open or closed – and every surface of the facade  become a device capable of embodying and communicating the IDENTITY of the WTC.

Not a simple product of architecture that can be renewed in its appearance, but a set of ideas, people and leading international companies that can be communicated to the outside world through its symbol: the WTC tower.

Entering the WTC tower becomes an experience that goes beyond the mere requirement to achieve in the shortest possible time any destination.

The WTC hall has to be an autonomous place with its own identity and, at the same time, it must be able to communicate WTC brand as well as the the corporative image of the hosted companies.