Monographic Publication



  • G.Delbene, M.Giberti editors and texts.
  • Publisher: Sagep, Genoa.
  • Year of Publication: 2017.



The idea that the figure and the background, the architecture and the landscape are constantly exchanging their roles leads to a design process in which the motion space and the anthropic tissue are mutually combined, where the infrastructure becomes medium able to absorb the potential of the landscape itself.

What you can learn from reading the artificial systems that transformed the Genoa’s natural amphitheater is the process of creation of new spaces whose nature is that of a hybrid between infrastructure and architecture, between city and landscape.

MADE IN GOA talks about the genesis of hybrid systems generated by the need to save space when the topographical nature of the landscape makes this task difficult.

Observing certain urban phenomena that take place in Genoa is impossible to determine where the boundary between landscape, architecture and infrastructure lies.

MADE IN GOA born from a research work that started more than twenty years ago and catalogues over a hundred of hybrid systems arose spontaneously or as a result of a clear engineering or architectural project.